Submit stories to the Editorial Group

Editors at 10 Hour Fit Club are looking for talented writers to contribute stories and multi-media to feature on the site. This is an opportunity for writers to work more closely with our editorial team and reach a larger readership. Unpublished drafts are the preferred submission method, but published stories and story pitches may also be included.

Contribution Guidelines

Background: We focus on providing readers actionable, easy-to-implement and entertaining articles about the health and fitness lifestyle. While many social media sites are overly visual or verbose, we strive to balance the two with engaging, throughtful and concise posts that deliver value and bring the reader back day after day as part of their long-term active lifestyle.

What to pitch: Freelancers are welcome to pitch or submit posts relevent to Health & Fitness. Categories may include: Motivation, Challenges, and Recovery. Editors are also interested in photo essays and mini-documentaries about relevant topics.

What to include:

  • Article: Containing an introduction, body, and conclusion in a warm, conversational tone with actionable steps.
  • Article Photo: Illustrative photo that you have rights to or selected from Unsplash.
  • Biography: Under 120 words along with website and social media links.
  • Your Photo: Author photo to display alongside your article.