Have you ever worked towards your fitness goals only to find yourself in the same place three months later? Maybe you tried a certain regimen or lifestyle change for 30 days, then went back to those old habits of comfort and convenience when the month was up. If there is one thing missing from an otherwise reasonable training period, it's likely to be consistency.

Consistency is the steadfast adherence to a course of action and perhaps the most important variable in transforming your health. Many people aim to workout three to five times per week, which is generally good advice to follow. The scorecard we like to use at 10 Hour Fit Club, however, is putting 10 hours of training in per week. Spread across 5 days, that comes to 2 hours per training day. For beginners, this can be two hours walking, while intermediate trainees can incorporate resistance (strength) mixed with aerobic (cardio) training in a full body circuit or interval workout. Advanced athletes such as professional runners train up to 20 hours per week, so logging quality time towards the 10-20 hours per week metric will undoubtedly transform your health into another realm.

Putting the time in early and often helps you stay on track to meet your fitness goals. Try logging your weekly training hours and see how it stacks up against the 10-hour mark. If you regularly train fewer than this amount, aim to meet this weekly goal once, then make it a habit for ten weeks. You'll find yourself stronger and healthier than ever before.